Oils, lubricants, fluids & filters

We offer a full range of oils, lubricants, fluids and filters for most popular machines.


PREMIUM 15W/40 is the high performance, heavy duty, multigrade motor oil which is blended with high quality base oils and does not lose its properties at high temperatures. PREMIUM 15W/40 has a high viscosity index value and contains exclusive additives which protects the engine and prolongs its life. PREMIUM 15W/40 has been designed for the operation of diesel commercial vehicles using low or high sulphur content, including turbocharged and supercharged engines.

TURBO SD 15W/40 is multigrade motor oil which is blended with high quality mineral oils and has been formulated
especially for the operation of turbocharged diesel engines. TURBO SD 15W/40 does not lose properties at any
temperatures. TURBO SD 15W/40 has been designed for the operation of diesel commercial vehicles utilizing
turbocharged engines.


HYPOID 80W90 is superior quality, multigrade gearbox, differential and hypoid oil which is resistant to high pressures and work under hard conditions. HYPOID 80W90 has been specially designed for the operation of hypoid gears working under high loads.

TRD 82 is special transmission oil which contains exclusive extra pressure additives and shows excellent
performance in the transmission, hydraulic, wet brake and power transmission system of tractors and work machines.
It is especially designed for Massey Fergusson, Fiat and British Leyland tractors.


SAE SERIES are lubrication oils blended with well refined high quality and high viscosity index base
oils. They are recommended especially for low speed systems that worked under normal conditions.


HIDROTEX DTA SERIES are high viscosity index, economical hydraulic oils, produced by blending high quality base oil
s and special additives. They can easily separate from water. DTA SERIES provide long life due to antioxidant
additives. They are designed to satisfy of light-duty hydraulic equipment requirements with the anti-corrosion and
anti-wear additives. They do not foam except for the mechanical problems.


LIT EP – Greas

Greases are lithium soap greases blended with mineral oils and enriched with extreme pressure additives. They are long-life multipurpose industrial greases, that are resistant to water, corrosion, rust and oxidation. They are used in high loading bearings, vertical shaft applications, and electrical motors and also in automotive applications. The recommended operating temperature range is from -20oC to 130oC.



It is concentrated super antifreeze which can be used in engine coolant system for all seasons. It decreases the pour point (-40oC) and increases the boiling point (120oC) of cooling water, as a result it provides the water to stay liquid in the system at wide temperature range. Due to its high heat conductivity it helps to cool the engine with success. It protect the metals in the engine from rust and corrosion. It contains rust and foam preventative additives and is well adjusted to all materials.

We offer original filters like: CAT, JCB, Komatsu  and replacements from reputable suppliers like: Donaldson,
Baldwin, Fletguard, Mann

In order to facilitate the selection of the filters in our offer you will find a ready prepared filters sets for CAT, JCB, Komatsu, Liebherr, Volvo – wheeled machines, tracked excavators and also mini-excavators.