About us

Knowledge and Experience

Vtrack is a perfect combination of knowledge and experience which we applied reliably and consistently. The driving force of Vtrack’s quality and products
is a capable team of people who translate research results into innovations and innovations into projects which are ahead of their time.

Customers who choose VTRACK may rely on the Company which has experience in international markets.

History of the Intramex Valuepart Group dates back to 40 years ago. In 1969, an Italian, Ivano Passini, founded in Modena a company called Valuepart which
was dealing with manufacturing and sales of parts for construction and agricultural machinery. Year 1974 was the first year of the company Intramex operation, the company founded by Horst Goedeker in Bremen, Germany. Dynamic development of both companies and trade connections between them resulted in their merger – this is how one of the largest manufacturers of parts for construction machinery in Europe and worldwide – Intramex Valuepart – came into existence! Currently, the trade network consists of several branches in such countries as: Italy. Germany, France, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, USA, Canada and Australia.

Our factories are located in Italy, Turkey and South Korea. Our products are marked with Vtrack logo. Every part manufactured contains this logo – from washers to chains. A state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and perfect quality are decisive in ensuring our products advantage over competition. We regularly add new products to our offer to meet our customers’ expectations. We are not afraid of new challenges and hence we create with enthusiasm and joy!

The assortment of VTRACK parts includes crawler chain chassis both metal and rubber, tips, blades, pins, buckets, bushes, bolts, frames, casings, seals, water and fuel pumps, bearings, etc.

Polish Branch of Intramex Valuepart was founded in 2009. Our clients are companies operating in building, mining, road and even agricultural industry. Our team offers professional support in selection of parts, and if it is necessary to inspect the machine at the Client’s premises – it is also no problem for us.

Our team

We are not afraid of taking up new challenges and that is why we create with enthusiasm and joy!

Valuepart creates a team of people appropriately prepared for designing, planning and creating comprehensive highest quality solutions. Valuepart supports its customers through analysis of their requirements and presents tailored solutions and ensures perfect after-sales service.