Please give following information to our well trained service team and they are in a position to find quickly and easily the right chain for your machine:

All parts:

  • Machine manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Year of construction
  • Year of construction

Additional in case of chain ordering:

Rubber track:

  • Chain dimensions or article number of the chain (in the inner side of the rubber chain)


  • total amount of links
  • reased or not greased chain

If you do not know the chain dimensions and cannot find out the article number, please proceed as follows:

  • Measure the width of the rubber chain (in mm) – [1]
  • Count the number of chain links – [2]
  • Measure the distance of the chain links (in mm) – from the middle of one link to the middle of the next one – [3]

Sometimes the roller type of the machine is also important.

It is very important to choose the right chain dimension for your machine and that you make the right decision for the qualitiy of the chains. If this is
not the case, following damages may occur:

  • Damages at the rubber chain/fast wear
  • Damages at the undercarriage
  • Short life/performance
  • Frequent maintenance and thus longer fault times of the machine

Measurements drawings:

Metal chains – buckle lock
Metal chain – pin lock
Segment group
Dozer idler
Carrier roller
Carrier roller with pin
Track roller SF
Track roller DF